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I have always been fascinated by Nature. The way it always knows what to do and how to do - with surgical precision yet artistic flow. I often wish I carried that kind of candor in me.
No one really nudges Nature and says, “Hey, why don’t you try rising the Sun from the West tomorrow? Maybe the whole East thing is a phase, you know?”. It always knows exactly how much wind to blow, when to shed its leaves and when to wreak havoc as well. 
I spend a lot of my evenings looking at the clouds and wondering what it would feel like to exist as one - fluid, shape-shifting and allowing so many colours to embody it. “One day”, I reassure myself. 
I decided to pour myself a hot cup of tea to accompany my yearning to be a cloud. I laid out a blue porcelain cup with a spoonful of Oolong tea dust in it. As I started pouring the piping hot water from the kettle, I noticed something strange. Some of the tea dust had found its way to the bottom of the kettle, which initially only contained hot water!
For a brief second, I recollected one of my science teachers telling me, “Nature always plays by the rules. If it ever decides to break a rule, well… that means we have a new reality to learn about.”
I smiled as I placed the kettle down. I learnt today that my journey in life is not an anomaly, but a new scientific reality, much like the tea dust that decided to defy gravity and flow from down to up. 

To learn about the scientific phenomenon mentioned above, click here.
You Are Wonderful Just As You Are
A series by Adwaita Das that aims to provide compassionate and encouraging ways of speaking. Inspired by Mithra Trust's 'What To Say' Series

The phenomenon mentioned above is a reminder that there is no one right way of flowing through life and exploring our identities, which are so layered, intricate and vast. In our journey upstream, we may come across others who are either swimming with or against the current. It is important that we are mindful and compassionate in our interactions, especially when they choose to share their intimate and personal journeys such as understanding their sexuality.
Our sexuality is ours to explore, in all its entirety and complexity.
Let's Talk About Trauma

Join us, as we navigate around and through the topic of  Trauma, adopting the lens of sensitivity and thoroughness with various trauma-informed practitioners. 
Each episode has been illustrated with evocative and vivid drawings by Tarushee.

Episode 3
Smita x Bhairavi

Smita is a dance-movement therapist who also practices embodied therapy and counselling. She works with Thunai, which is a trauma awareness and rehabilitation resource that aims to provide trauma-informed therapy in both English and Tamil.
In this episode, Smita and Bhairavi delve deep into the intricacies of the body-mind relationship with respect to recovery from trauma, focusing on the idea that ‘every motion gives rise to an emotion’ and the feelings of shame / guilt that reside in the body due to trauma. 
You can watch the episode here.
The conversation goes into detail about :
  • The body-mind link and the neuroscience behind it
  • How the body-mind approach helps with trauma recovery
  • The trauma recovery process and what it looks like
  • Marginalization and how it impacts recovery
  • Vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue
  • Self-care practices
You can engage with the full set of illustrations here.
The Meh Sessions in August
Let's Discuss The Meh:
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“Its a really supportive sharing space. I learn how to talk in a way more open and aware way outside of therapy and gives me hope and validation that I can calmly express myself without defensiveness in response.”
Doodles For The Meh:
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 “The way I was able to let loose and go for it with the doodles! I really liked how we were gently guided by the facilitator and then also gently nudged us into exploring our feelings or emotions through the doodles..”

Writing for The Meh:
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“It helped me release the stress I've been holding due to family issues and work pressure.”
If you or anyone you know is facing any form of gender-based violence, use for awareness and resources. Call Sumunum Connect Helpline for mental health support: 1800-123-786868

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