The Meh™ Sessions

The Mithra (friend in Sanskrit) Trust was founded in 2018 to provide mental health services and tools in a way a trusted friend would.

In response to the mental well-being needs during this pandemic we are offering the following -:

  1. Connecting Through The Meh for Teens & Parents, a 10-hour workshop
  2. A webinar The Meh During Lockdown for corporates, social enterprises, and youth networks
  3. Facilitated spaces online for self-expression and self-reflection – Let’s Discuss The Meh and Doodles For The Meh.

What is The Meh? It is an overwhelming feeling of emotions and thoughts – sadness, loneliness, worry, boredom, disconnection and so on. The Meh is a simple way to articulate that you’re not okay.

Connecting Through The Meh

Connecting Through The Meh is a safe space for teens and parents to understand each other’s perspectives and learn to communicate effectively. The sessions aim to support the creation of a relationship that is grounded in mutual trust and respect. Split across 4 days – 10 hours overall- the sessions help create a space for teens and parents to connect with each other, themselves, and other participants to share their lived experiences.

Take away from these sessions includes a Connecting Through The Meh virtual toolkit.
All sessions are facilitated by a team of experienced and qualified psychologists.

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The Meh during lockdown

A 90-minute webinar provides a framework to understand our emotional well-being
This session provides spaces for reflective exercises on engaging with overwhelming emotions, uncertainty, and tools from The Meh Kit to ride it out

Duration: 1hr30mins
Capacity: 100+
Description: an interactive webinar which provides a framework to understand where we’re at currently with our emotional well-being. It also provides spaces for reflective exercises on engaging with overwhelming emotions, naming and taming them, and tools from The Meh Kit to ride it out

Let’s Discuss The Meh

Let’s Discuss The Meh

Duration: 2hr30mins
Capacity: 6-10 participants
Description: a peer well-being gathering which uses comics, arts, and quotes to facilitate the discussion. It is a safe space to vent and express worries and concerns. Take-aways include coping tips and tools from The Meh Kit

Here is some feedback we have received as part of our COVID-19 Let’s Discuss The Meh sessions

Make Doodles For The Meh

Make Doodles for The Meh is a one-hour session facilitated by Adwaita Das. During this session, participants observe their thoughts and emotions and are guided to connect within to their breathing, all while having fun and doodling.

Duration: 1 hour
Capacity: 10-15 participants
Description: a facilitated group session where participants are provided with a space to reflect on their thoughts, emotions, and connect with their breathing, all while doodling and letting out The Meh. 

Understanding The Meh, Workshops for Colleges and Corporates

Understanding The Meh
Understanding the Meh is an experiential session on understanding mental health in the workplace and in colleges

If you’re a manager, a leader, or a colleague, or someone who interacts with people at the workplace on a regular basis this session is for you.

Understanding the Meh workshop for Enquero Bangalore and TEDxBangalore

The Meh Session at Women’s Christian College, Chennai as part of the YI club activities

If you’re in college and would like to gain a better understanding of lows that we all go through and learn tools to support yourself and others, make sure you bring us to your campus.

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