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To mainstream its community development work, TVS Companies in Madurai established Arogya Welfare Trust (AWT), a Charitable Trust in 2010 with the vision of equipping the said communities “LEAD A BETTER LIFE” through need based programmes. The Trust aligns its priorities with that of the local development needs, networks with Government and other relevant stakeholders and co-implements all projects with the benefitting communities to ensure sustainability of its impacts. The Trust extends its services through exclusively set-up domain specialised institutions. The Trust has an exclusive division to implement grass-root level community projects, an unit for CSR Implementation, a department for Family Counselling, a Community College and a Hospital.

Mithra is further supported by :

AR Foundation – Grant support
Srikanth & Shanti Associates – Audit and compliance support
Arjun Rao – Legal support
Praveen Koka – Technology support
Veda Krishnaraj – Logo design 

Shivani Narayan – Website design
Aditi Chandrasekhar – Communication support

Sounding boards of Mithra

Anisha Siromoney
Priyanka Prasad Pillai
Jacintha Jayachandran
Rohit Koliyot
Kamala Easwaran
Rasikha Venkat
The late Ila Lyngksiar Rynjah

Mithra Trustees

Anand MC

Shmita Ramkumar

Bhairavi Prakash