Public Speaking Anxiety

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If you are worried about performing in front of large crowds or giving a presentation in front of people, if you are concerned about being watched and judged by others, and if you have anxiety about speaking in public, it is likely that you will try to avoid it as much as possible. If it is unavoidable then you will worry about it for weeks or months in advance. When people are nervous about speaking or presenting in public, they may tend to repeat certain phrases, speak rapidly, their hands tremble, they may ignore the audience, and avoid eye contact with them. They may worry a lot about what others will think of them, about getting fired, criticized or laughed at due to small mistakes in presenting, forgetting their lines, and coming across as a failure.

The wayForward program is based on the Science of CBT, which has been proven to bring relief from anxiety

In this app you will learn more about some of the concepts like:

  • Behaviors connected to anxiety
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Your spontaneous negative thoughts and how to identify them

Some of the skills and tools you will learn are:

  • Techniques to challenge negative thoughts
  • Reduce perfectionism
  • Worry tool


  • Ability to stay calm before and during a presentation or  speech
  • To be a comfortable and confident speaker to your audience
  • Ability to speak up during social situation
  • Decrease in intense self critical thoughts

Who is it for?

  • Need to give a speech and want to know how to reduce anxiety felt before or during the speech
  • Avoid situations such as speaking up in class, getting criticized in front of others as feedback during group discussion.
  • Fear giving speech in public and had changed their courses, jobs, and or promotions to avoid any opportunity to speak in front of others