Problems with Friends

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In friendships, many times we experience a certain pressure to be a certain way or we feel pressured to meet certain expectations. This may lead to experiencing stress and other negative emotions. The discord between friends can start affecting our normal functioning, it can cause persistent sadness or upset our mood, and lead to outbursts of anger. People in such scenarios often start feeling lonely and miss a sense of belonging.

In the wayForward program you will learn concepts like:

  • What could be the stress provoking thoughts and actions
  • Categories of negative thoughts and how to challenge them
  • How positive thoughts help in releasing the stress

Some of the skills and tools you will learn are:

  • Thought challenging techniques
  • Muscle relaxation exercises
  • Worry tool


  • Enhanced relationship with friends
  • A calmer self with the help of relaxation techniques
  • Skill to manage friendship and cope with stress that it may entail

Who is it for?

  • Are experiencing a relationship discord with a friends or a close one
  • Is feeling lonely
  • finds it difficult to maintain friendships