Interview Anxiety

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Whether we have been in the job market for a while or we have just completed our degree, the thought of a job interview can make anyone feel uneasy.  The discomfort can lead to anxiety and worrying thoughts about being seen as incompetent or not living up to expectations, not answering well and eventually not finding a good job. If you want to learn how to cope then this programme is for you.

Some negative thoughts that run across people’s mind are:

  • What difficult questions will the interviewer ask?
  • Can I answer the questions confidently?
  • Will I look smart to the interviewer?
  • What if my skills are not suitable for the job?
  • What if I don’t get selected for the job?
  • There is so much to do, I’m not going to get it. Maybe I shouldn’t go?

Some people worry for days before the actual interview, imagining all the possibilities and outcomes. Some will feel more physical symptoms, find an increase in heart rate, sweaty palms, and voice shaking while answering even simple questions like their name.   

Who is it for?

  • People who get easily anxious about an upcoming interview
  • People who get nervous particularly during an important interview and lose out on good job opportunities as a result
  • People who want success in the interview by improving their reactions to the interview situation

In the wayForward programme, you will learn concepts like:

  • How some level of anxiety is normal and the signs of performance anxiety
  • How anxiety can be controlled through relaxation exercises
  • Categories of negative thoughts and how to challenge and change them to positive ones

People, who avoid eye-contact, make small mistakes like using poorly worded answers, not able to express their viewpoints during the interview.