Dating Anxiety

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Dating anxiety is defined by a feeling of nervousness and worry when exposed to the idea of dating. It is difficult for some people to interact with someone new or ask someone out. It is generally paired with a fear of rejection, betrayal or apprehensions about having chemistry with the other person.

A person who has dating anxiety may exhibit physical symptoms like excessive blushing, sweating, and avoiding eye contact while speaking with a prospective partner. Some of the common thoughts are, “What if he/she doesn’t like me?”, “What if I get clumsy?”, “Is this going to last forever?”.

Who is it for?

  • Have “what-if” notions like “what if s/he doesn’t like me?”
  • Avoid eye contact with the partner
  • Lose sleep/appetite at the thought of meeting with the other person
  • Expect the worst out of the date

In the wayForward program you will learn concepts like:

  • Behaviours that are generally adopted by people with dating anxiety
  • Slowly overcoming the fear of dating
  • What is the underlying thought that evokes your anxiety