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Our Team

Bhairavi Prakash

Founder, Managing Trustee

Bhairavi is the Founder of Mithra, as a Psychologist, she often wonders what the world would look like if each of us were working towards being the best versions of ourselves and helping others do the same. Mithra is her effort to do that, help people take care of themselves and take care of others.

Adwaita Das

Creative Facilitator

Adwaita Das is an author, artist and auteur.  As Creative Facilitator, Adwaita believes that art and creativity have the power to heal. Adwaita’s work with Mithra has helped provide individuals with the tools and practices to express themselves freely, foster empathy, and build their capacity for self-discovery and healing.

Urusha Maher

Creation, Ideation, & Design

Urusha’s creativity and skills brought Sky’s world to life in the award-winning Sky Is The Limit illustrated mental health campaign. She has seen the impact that storytelling can have on increasing mental health awareness and reducing stigma. Through her work, Urusha would like to help the Mithra community to support themselves and others.

Ramya Srinivas (Rahel)

Mental Health Design Associate

Rahel dreams of a world where mental health support is accessible to all, as much as healthcare is. Rahel, strongly believes that mental health must be spoken about everyday, everywhere. With Mithra, she hopes to build dialogue around mental health with many colours, puns and stories of hope!

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Our Advisors

Dr Navya Singh

I’m working with Mithra as I believe in working with young people to prevent and manage mental health issues before they become critical.

Dr Navya Singh, Co-Founder, Psyinnovations and Wayforward

Roshan Paul

It has become increasingly important to engage with young people and provide them with the skills to become change-makers.

Roshan Paul, Co-founder, Amani Institute

Uttara Bharat Kumar

I am interested in supporting the application of social and behaviour change in mental health and this inspired me to become an advisor to Mithra.

Uttara Bharat Kumar, Senior SBC and Capacity Strengthening Advisor, JHU CCP

Ameen Haque

I believe mental health conversations need to be mainstreamed. Mithra is a step in that direction. I lend my support to the team so that we can accelerate this journey and effect change.

Ameen Haque, Founder, StoryWallahs

Supported By

Arogya Welfare Trust

To mainstream its community development work, TVS Companies in Madurai established Arogya Welfare Trust (AWT), a Charitable Trust in 2010 with the vision of equipping the said communities “LEAD A BETTER LIFE” through need based programmes. The Trust aligns its priorities with that of the local development needs, networks with Government and other relevant stakeholders and co-implements all projects with the benefitting communities to ensure sustainability of its impacts. The Trust extends its services through exclusively set-up domain specialised institutions. The Trust has an exclusive division to implement grass-root level community projects, an unit for CSR Implementation, a department for Family Counselling, a Community College and a Hospital.

And further supported by...

Aditi Chandrasekhar – Communication support

AR Foundation – Grant support

Arjun Rao – Legal support

Krisstina Rao - M&E support

Shivani Narayan – Website design

Srikanth & Shanti Associates – Audit and compliance support

Tena Pick - M&E Support

Veda Krishnaraj – Logo design

Veeru Murugappan - Grant support

Vikraant Singh Sanwal - Website redesign

Sounding boards of Mithra

Anisha Siromoney

Jacintha Jayachandran

Kamala Easwaran

Kirthi Jayakumar

Rasikha Venkat

Rohit Koliyot

The late Ila Lyngksiar Rynjah


Anand MC

Bhairavi Prakash

Shmita Ramkumar

Mithra needs to be accessible, you can help!

Limited mental health resources and barriers to help-seeking in India and makes the safe spaces provided by Mithra crucial. Please do donate to Mithra Trust. One in every three people need your support, we need your support.