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In the small town of New Jigsaw, where I come from, everyone is made for each other. Every single night that follows our creation, we are told to dream about other puzzle pieces that would fit just right - with utmost ease and comfort - to create a tiny little, wholesome family. 
My mother once told me that while we were being made, our body was specially crafted in ways that would fill the void of our perfect family pieces and how their bodies too would allow me to feel complete. 
On the day of my birth, it is said that I left the whole town in a state of shock. Never once before had they seen a puzzle piece that was a perfect square! The Wise Old State - a completed jigsaw-unit of 100 pieces, was summoned. 
“How could this be? I am confused!”
“It is truly baffling, what is a piece without its family?”
And while each one of them were making theories about my creation and the doomed life of wholeness that I am now destined for, my grandmother came up to me and said, 
“The completeness in your piece is what we dream of everyday. You are enough, you are whole.”

You Are Wonderful Just As You Are
A series by Adwaita Das that aims to provide compassionate and encouraging ways of speaking. Inspired by Mithra Trust's 'What To Say' Series

Each of us come with delicate complexities that cannot be simplified into mere words and concepts. Our identities are shaped by unique forces that make it so grand and undefinable. When we imply that a person needs a partner or a child to be considered whole, we are implying that one is born incomplete and is invalid without those relationship tags. The words we use to describe others must be said with mindful care and compassion. This is a reminder that everyone is unique, complete and enough.
What To Say To Your Queer 
Friend / Child
This is the preview of the guide that outlines 'What To Say' when a queer child or a friend is opening up to us about their gender and sexual identity, created by @mithratrust with Jo @karmicdev.
To access the full guide for empathetic conversations with a queer child,  click here  and for conversations with a queer friend,  click here

Every one of us are unique puzzle pieces who deserve to be seen, loved and supported for what we are. Pride is a reminder to create spaces of safety, to suspend all forms of judgement and to acknowledge that gender was never meant to be compartmentalized - in every waking moment. This is a call to take active action towards creating these spaces of love and empathy, where the joy of one’s identity is celebrated for what it is, in its entirety.
Let's Discuss The Meh 
This video was created and illustrated by @diyaullas, based on her experience of the session. It brings to light the essence of the space and the impact it has on a participant, through sublime frames that leaves a pleasant and hopeful aftertaste.

Let’s Discuss The Meh Ⓡ is a safe space designed for those who want to come together to talk about feelings of loneliness, sadness, worry or disconnection. The space aims to bring together the rainbows that reside in each of our hearts to balance out the weight of our minds. It helps one find a sense of belonging, moments of blue-sky-like laughter while talking about hard times and equips one with tools to live with these moments of overwhelm.

If you have been a participant of the Let’s Discuss The Meh Ⓡ space, do leave comments on the video about how you related it to your experience or write back to us about it!
The Meh Sessions in July
Let's Discuss The Meh:
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“It gave me a space to talk about my feelings and unpack my emotions that I was bottling up for the past few weeks. I felt comfortable and it has helped me in understanding what I need to deal with things that are happening in my life.”
Doodles For The Meh:
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 “The way the session was held, it was a safe space and I felt guided and supported through the waves of emotions. By the end of the session I was completely in tune with my feelings and found myself free to just be.”

Writing for The Meh:
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“It helped me have a look at my deepest fears, memories and other emotions and also get an idea of the person I want to be.”
If you or anyone you know is facing any form of gender-based violence, use https://saahas.space for awareness and resources. Call Sumunum Connect Helpline for mental health support: 1800-123-786868

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