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The Meh™ Sessions In December

This December you can take care of your mental health and well-being by attending our sessions to help ride out The Meh™

December Schedule

Make Doodles for when you’re feeling The Meh™, simple, practical and enjoyable doodling exercises to process the many emotions we feel. Facilitated by Adwaita Das, during this session we self-reflect, observe our thoughts and emotions, all while breathing and doodling.

Let’s Discuss The Meh™ is a safe space for those with depression, facilitated by Bhairavi, we share our experiences, listen and hold space. Those who attend our session find a sense of belonging, hard laugher (where we laugh at the hard stuff in life) and tools they can use in their own time <3

What is The Meh ™? It is an overwhelming feeling of emotions and thoughts – sadness, loneliness, worry, boredom, disconnection and so on. The Meh ™ is a simple way to articulate that you’re not okay 🙂
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