Build skills and mindsets to help people live a full and meaningful life!

Using the principles of positive psychology, Mithra has developed workshops that focus on creating the skills to help people live a full life. Studies have shown that by focussing on our well-being we can increase our positive experiences and reduce the risk of symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. Mithra creates engaging, energetic, fun and meaningful sessions that work on enhancing our well-being and also on building awareness on the importance of mental wellness.

The workshops focus on

  • Creating positive experiences
  • Focussing on positive traits
  • Discovering gifts and strengthsĀ 
  • Building positive workplaces
  • Building a positive leadership mindset

Through these sessions, Mithra can help you rediscover your enthusiasm, motivation and find the inspiration required to soar ahead and live your best life! Write to us at for more information.