Understanding love

It can often be confusing to understand who you’re attracted to and want to have an emotional and sexual relationship with. This is a natural part of who you are, and it may change over time. It’s common for people to be unsure of their sexuality, to go through a period of  questioning, or to experience fluid sexuality, which is when someone’s sexuality changes over time.

Not everyone knows their sexual orientation or how to label themselves. If you feel this way, know that it’s common and you’re not alone. Often, people find that they’re “questioning” for a long time, or that none of the labels used to describe sexual orientation fit them. You don’t have to decide on one label, and it’s okay if someday in the future you feel differently from how you feel now.

Understanding and exploring your sexuality is essential to your well-being and living a full life.

To understand the different gender identities and how they relate to sexuality, please read this.

Here are some Indian resources that you can explore as well:

It is never too early or late to understand and explore love.