The Meh Kit

The Meh Kit – Riding Out Depression

The ‘Meh’ kit , a self-help kit , was created by members of the Mithra team who have experienced depressive episodes which they called the ‘Meh’. The beauty of this kit is that it comes from a place of fracture, of brokenness and in creating this kit there is healing and warmth.

What the kit provides is an understanding of what a depressive episode can feel like, and interactive tools that help the user ride out an episode. Riding it out is about bringing awareness and understanding to the way we deal with our thoughts, our emotions, and the stories we tell ourselves.

This self-help kit is simple to understand, interactive, engaging, and full of warmth and hope.

Here is some of the feedback we’ve received on the Meh Kit -

“What blew me away was how well thought of every single item in the kit was.”

“Found it beautiful and empathetic without being overwhelming."

“The main notion in the cards is validating someone’s emotions.”

“It made me feel powerful, as the opposite of helpless.”

“The small yet impactful illustrations spoke so well with me and made me smile ear to ear throughout.”

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