Note To Self - An Exercise In Self Love

Note To Self - An Exercise In Self Love

Note to self is a series by Mithra that is aimed at stirring up conversations about the way we talk to ourselves in our daily lives.

Note to self is a series by Mithra that is aimed at stirring up conversations about the way we talk to ourselves in our daily lives. Often times the struggles and internal dialogues we go through are invisible and note to self aims at making this visible. On social media today we are all caught up in living our best lives, which is kind of skewed, all of us go through issues and Note to self helps express the daily struggles we face.

We can work on maintaining a positive outlook or developing the ability to focus on the positives through internal dialogue, a set of messages to repeat to ourselves when life gets challenging. This commentary becomes the framework of our reactions to life and its circumstances. One of the ways to recognize, promote, and sustain optimism, is to reinforce our thoughts with positive emotions – to find the sliver of happiness or the silver lining of hope. In psychology therapy, many people identify the source of these messages or thoughts and then work with their therapist to intentionally overwrite them.

As a child you have probably been told, “You can’t do anything right” sometimes these messages go deeper and take root and now every time you make a mistake you remind yourself that you can’t do anything right. This is not permanent and you can change this. One of the fundamental truths is that you will make mistakes. To expect perfection in yourself or anyone else is unrealistic. To expect no difficulties in life, whether through your own actions or sheer circumstances, is also unrealistic. But, you can choose to overwrite the negative message with a positive one, such as “I choose to accept and grow from my mistake” or “As I learn from my mistakes, I am becoming a better person.”

Through the exercise of writing notes to oneself, many people were writing of their own struggles, addressing their mental and emotional well-being, which initially undermined their ability to deal with their struggle. The objective is to take a minute to introspect and then counteract negative messages with positive truths in their life. For every negative message, there is a positive truth that will override the weight of despair, these truths always exist in a place above the negativity and we simply have to train ourselves to be able to find it.

How the Note to Self series has helped?

Since we began this campaign on Instagram and Facebook, we’ve received feedback from people all over the world about their experiences:

We’ve been told it has helped people be more vulnerable, the note to self was their way of expressing their struggles and once it was out in the world people responded with love, acceptance, and support.

A sense of belonging was accomplished through this series, many found themselves as part of community where thoughts and stories were being shared and at the same time they found a space to pen their thoughts and gain control over their feelings and thoughts.

People learned that they were not alone in their battle and that there were so many other people facing similar struggles in life. People, who like them, are learning to share, support and overcome their problems in the best possible way.

Here’s what we want you to do – write about a daily struggle that you’re facing and a positive note to yourself to help you get through this, and share it on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to tag @Mithratrust on Instagram and Facebook if you do!