Let’s Talk About Trauma - Episode 1

Join us, as we navigate around and through the topic of Trauma, adopting the lens of sensitivity and thoroughness with trauma-informed practitioners.

Episode 1 Anya Owen x Bhairavi Prakash : Anya currently works as a Trauma Practitioner in Scotland, giving support to adult survivors of childhood abuse. She has a background in Psychology (specialising in childhood adversity), with experience of working in psychiatric hospitals, rape crisis centres, and homeless communities across the UK.

In this conversation with Anya and Bhairavi, we explore and try to get a deeper understanding of the label of trauma, clearing the mist that social media has created around it. The conversation goes on to explore how the media portrays trauma while dissecting its expressions in different genders and the physical and psychological manifestations of it. It also addresses the ways in which PTSD/ CPTSD is experienced. Throughout the conversation, a lens of sensitivity and thoroughness is held, as we understand more about the role of marginalisation in experiencing trauma. Intergenerational trauma & joy, the role of empathy, parenting and attachment styles is also touched upon. It also looks at the impact of mindfulness, our individual body responses of flight, fight, freeze and fawn and the importance of working with specialists who are trained in trauma and can hold safe spaces, with a lot of care and understanding. The conversation makes one introspect deeper about the process of healing, vulnerability and respecting one’s own journey.

Each episode has been illustrated with evocative and vivid drawings by Tarushee.

Illustrations by Tarushee Mehra a part-time dreamer and full-time storyteller. Tarushee hones her skills as a creative educator by reflecting on her understanding of the world and the unique way in which she illustrates it. Comics, short stories, rhymes and whimsical characters come alive in her quest to make learning visible and share it.

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