How are you?

How to check in with someone?

Sometimes we notice changes in someone close to us that are uncharacteristic. We might know about a significant event in their lives, or may have simply noticed changes in their behaviour, or the manner in which they express themselves. In these situations, we might wonder what is the best way to approach them and have a conversation. Often times we do nothing because we don’t know what to say, would like to avoid an awkward conversation. Here are three basic steps to checking in on someone, while being caring, empathetic, and non-judgemental. This incredible resource has been created by beyondblue.

  1. ASK : reach out and ask if they’re okay.


    Ask first

  2. LISTEN : be comfortable with silence and if you’re finding it difficult to understand what they’re talking about, it’s okay to ask them to explain further.



  3. SUPPORT : make sure you’re being non-judgemental and speaking from a place of empathy and love



You can also watch this video by Beyond Blue to understand how to check in with someone.

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