Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Mental health and physical health are not mutually exclusive, erratic sleep patterns, untimely meals and other unhealthy habits causes an imbalance to our physical well-being, which in turn affects our mental health.

“Your mind is like this water my friend when it is agitated it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear.” - Master Shifu, Kung Fu Panda

Unhealthy habits cause an imbalance to our physical well-being, which in turn affects our mental health.

Here are some ways to focus on our physical well-being:


Taking up any physical form of activity leaves you feeling high and upbeat because of the happy hormones or ‘endorphins’ that are being released in your body. Even a 10-minute brisk walk increases our mental alertness, energy and positive mood.

Diet Studies have shown that when we are depressed or anxious, a change in diet can help us feel better. Incorporating a healthy balanced diet that includes proteins, necessary fats, complex carbohydrates is essential not only for your body but also for the mind. Nutritious food can help with our energy levels and help us sleep better. It is, therefore, best to avoid the usual suspects that include sugar, caffeine, alcohol, fried food, and anything with preservatives

Sleep Good sleep is like a superpower. When we sleep our body rests, which basically means we conserve energy and decrease all physical activity. would find it easier to manage your emotions and deal with stressful situations better. Yet, it’s a common struggle to sleep. Your sleep can be affected by many things – from the food, you eat to feelings of anxiety or consuming too much social media.

Activities Make time for activities that are creative and make you feel productive – gardening, painting, or playing an instrument. Adopt a pet, or volunteer as a caregiver. These are activities that can be fulfilling and calming for the mind.

If you find yourself struggling with maintaining a positive physical self, take baby steps, be patient and get help from a professional.