This is the story of Asha, the unfinished story of a girl who lost hope and gave up even before she gave herself a chance. Asha joined my class in high school, we took to her instantly and helped her catch up on classwork and included her in our games. It was clear that she was different and behaved in ways that we did not understand; at times it was difficult being her friend.

Slowly, Asha’s mental health problems became more apparent, she stopped coming to school, was intermittently around in college and eventually dropped out of life.

Was it possible to get Asha the support that she needed? What can we do to ensure it doesn’t happen again? This is the story of Asha, who could not find it in her to give life a fighting chance. Ironically, this is also the story of Asha, a powerful word that signifies hope, life, and happiness. 

Mithra exists to ensure that mental health issues no longer remain invisible, to ensure that we take this conversation to those who suffer in silence and those who need our support. And for this we rely on your support, join us as a volunteer, becoming a part of the Mithra Changemaker Programme, or donate to our cause.

Mithra focuses on young people to allow them to hone their gifts and strengths, turn challenges into opportunities and realise their potential and the power of the mind. The aim is to make the invisible visible, to show young people what mental illness looks like, what mental wellness constitutes, and that we need to invest in our mental well-being. Student mental wellness in India is gravely under-served and neglected, these issues disproportionately affect young people, making early intervention is critical.

Mithra pushes the conversation of mental health forward for youth in India, and through the platform, we can help you take charge of your life and be a more confident person. Through the articles, tools and therapy packages that are available on the site, you can learn about taking care of your own mental wellness, discover your gift and strengths, or how to help a friend or family member.

You can read about mental wellness and learn more about anxiety, depression, stress and its consequences. Being aware of the nature of these issues will not only make you more alert to your own health but also prepare you to support and help anyone who is suffering without making them feel judged or alone. You can also help us to help more people by making a small donation.