This is the story of Asha, the unfinished story of a girl who lost hope and gave up even before she gave herself a chance. Asha joined my class in high school, we took to her instantly and helped her catch up on classwork and included her in our games. It was clear that she was different and behaved in ways that we did not understand; at times it was difficult being her friend.

Slowly, Asha’s mental health problems became more apparent, she stopped coming to school, was intermittently around in college and eventually dropped out of life.

Was it possible to get Asha the support that she needed? What can we do to ensure it doesn’t happen again? This is the story of Asha, who could not find it in her to give life a fighting chance. Ironically, this is also the story of Asha, a powerful word that signifies hope, life, and happiness. 

Mithra exists to ensure that mental health issues no longer remain invisible, to ensure that we take this conversation to those who suffer in silence and those who need our support. And for this we rely on your support, you can purchase The Meh Kit for yourself or someone you love, attend our discussions and workshops, join us as a volunteer, or donate to our cause.

An integral part of our work with young people is to ensure that we validate all emotions. We recognise that every emotion is valid and serves a purpose. The 'negative emotions' such as shame, guilt, anger, and sadness are given voice and expression. The 'positive' emotions and state of mind like gratitude, hope, self-compassion, and kindness are also given voice and expression.

The purpose of Mithra ( friend in Sanskrit)  is to provide mental health information, and tools, in a way that a peer would.

Mithra provides safe spaces both online and offline for people to express themselves, introspect, feel a sense of connectedness and belonging. We work on promoting understanding, empathy, and connectedness, both online and offline.

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